Sakinah spills out!!!

" I juz spill..juz sebagai kepuasan diri..
Rasa di dalam diri dicurahkan di sini...."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Like curse..(PENDING POST)

Today, my hand once again, accidentally brokes my roomate’s glass..last time, i did the same thing to my roomate’s glass also. I do realize this, since I was child..always brokes fragile things. Frequent!! OMG, i feel likes ‘it seems like curse’..hehe..(Ya Allah..jauhkanlah ak daripada malapetaka dan bala).
In my first sem, i accidentally spill the water inside the kettle..OMG, the water all over the place..there’s no mop at all, and I rushing and ‘dengan kelam kabut’ searching for the old newspaper, and  put the paper upon the water spilled. Uhh..that takes time..really..serious..Thank God, there’s no any my friend’s things and gadgets around there..
There some incident at home, where, at that time I was in standard 3(maybe), I was washing dish that I used at the sink..while washing, the plate accidentally slide from my hand, and like I told like the other story, the plate goes ‘praaannnnngggg’..huhu...
My mom had told me this ‘habit’, ‘kelemahan’ since I kecik..mak always said this..
“kau ni memang camtu!! Dari kecik sampai la besar...pemecah gelas..penumpah air..kalau  x tumpah, x sah.”
Haha..Guess what????

Lame gile x update..aki nie tak reti manage mase..hehe..